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  • Battery tester - 1 Battery tester
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    Battery tester

    Price €33.50

    Battery tester, test range 6 - 20 volts. No running battery required, open circuit voltage (at the beginning) and under load voltage (after "-" characters) are displayed.

  • copy of Connection cable with clamp - 1
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    Collegamento 12V-9V con...

    Price €20.00

    Collegamento 12V-9V con morsetti

  • Connection cable with clamp - 1 Connection cable with clamp
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    Connection cable with clamp

    Price €6.50

    Connection cable with clip, sturdy alligator clip, length 100 cm, with M8 eyelet

  • Connection cable with plate - 1 Connection cable with plate
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    Connection cable with plate

    Price €5.00

    Connection cable with plate, connects the electropascolo with wires or bands, length 130 cm, M8 eyelet

  • copy of Fence tester with LED indicator - 1 Digital voltmeter
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    Digital voltmeter

    Price €39.00

    Digital voltmeter, for exact measurement of the voltage on the fence, from 0 to 9900 Volts. Including 9 Volt battery and belt holder.

  • Earth ground connection cable - 1 Earth ground connection cable
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    Earth ground connection cable

    Price €3.50

    Earth ground connection cable, connects the energiser and the earth rod, cable length 100 cm, M8 metal eyelets.

  • Fence tester - 1 Fence tester
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    Fence tester

    Price €15.00

    Fence tester up to 10,000 Volts, reads voltage at 6 levels, accurate measurement of fence voltage, no batteries required.

  • Optical / acoustic tester - 1 Fence tester with LED indicator
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    Fence tester with LED...

    Price €26.00

    Fence tester with LED indicator, easy measurement without stake, distance measurement max. 0-5 cm., Nine-level voltage reading via nine high-intensity diodes up to 10000 Volts., Red LED for undervoltage in enclosure, LED display for battery status (9 V block). Including 9V battery.

  • Heart-shaped connection cable - 1 Heart-shaped connection cable
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    Heart-shaped connection cable

    Price €4.50

    Heart-shaped connection cable, connects the electropascolo with wires or bands, length 125 cm, heart-shaped clip.

  • Lightning rod for fences - 1 Lightning rod for fences
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    Lightning rod for fences

    Price €18.00

    Protects the electropascolo installed for electric fences from overvoltage caused by lightning strikes on the fence. Mounting on the fence post. Thanks to a stable arrester, the lightning rod conveys the surge from the fence directly into the ground.

  • Spring for handle - 1 Spring for handle
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    Spring for handle

    Price €6.50

    Spring for handle, extends up to 5 meters

  • Connector for 40mm band - 1 Stainless steel connector for band
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    Stainless steel connector...

    From Price €1.40

    Stainless steel connector, useful for joining bands of 40 mm and 20 mm