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  • Alphistex Feeder - 1 Alphistex manger
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    Alphistex manger

    From Price €2.80

    Alphistex anti-waste feeder

    SMALL HOLE: for exotic and small size natives
    MEDIUM HOLE: for canaries, exotic and indigenous canary size
    LARGE HOLE: for exotic and large size indigenous, wavy and agapornis
  • Painted breeding cage 60 side and back closed - 1 Cova 60 painted cage with closed sides and back
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    Cova 60 painted cage with...

    Price €49.50

    Painted breeding cage 60 cm with closed sides and back in plastic, 2 external and 1 internal feeders.

    Measurements: cm 61 x 42 x 44.5 h

    Equipped with ergonomic perches, external feeders, internal feeders and drinkers.

    Foldable, stackable, with closed back and sides in plastic.

    Supplied in foldable disassembled box.

    With the optional aviary system kit it is possible to combine several cages.


    For each cage purchased, you will receive FREE 2 drawer / grid hooks

  • Digital thermohygrometer for covatutto incubator - 1 Digital thermometer hygrometer for covatutto incubator
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    Digital thermometer...

    Price €42.00

    Digital thermometer hygrometer, made of plastic material, display 27x16h mm, resolution 0.1 ° C, tolerance +/- 0.15 ° C, selection F / C °, power supply with 2 alkaline batteries (not included) AAA LR03 1.5 Volt, detects temperature and internal and external humidity, automatic shutdown after 5 minutes from activation.  Measure mm 70x27x160 h

  • Gabbia Cinciarella Super,  in legno - 1 Gabbia Cinciarella Super,  in legno
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    Gabbia Cinciarella Super,...

    Price €12.00
  • copy of STA display cage BORDER - 1 Gabbia STA CARDELLINA
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    From Price €16.90

    La Gabbia Cardellina della STA Soluzioni è una pratica e comoda gabbia per uccelli di piccole dimensioni come i cardellini, canarini o piccoli esotici. E venduta completa di accessori (mangiatoie, posatoi, beverino) ed è dotata di una griglia di fondo scorrevole e un cassetto di raccolta escrementi rimovibile.

    Disponibile nei colori: Blù e Verde

    Misure: cm.27,5x17x24,5 h.

  • Nest in jute and felt Ø 10 cm - 2 Nest in jute and felt Ø 10 cm
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    Nest in jute and felt Ø 10 cm

    Price €1.10

    Nest in jute inside and felt outside Ø 10 cm

  • copy of Nido legno Cocorite cm.13x12x17 h. - 1 Nido in legno per Diamante Gold con camera scura
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    Nido in legno per Diamante...

    Price €8.90

    Il nido in legno per Diamante Gould con camera scura.

    Realizzato in solido ed igienico multistrato a doppia camera, indicato per tutti gli uccelli esotici, come i diamanti di gould, che preferiscono una camera nido meno illuminata e distanziata dal foro di ingresso.

    Misure: cm.22x12x12 h - Spessore legno cm.1

  • copy of Pinza STA Clip Shark - 1 Pinza STA Clip Tecno
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    Pinza STA Clip Tecno

    Price €0.69

    Pinza STA Clip Tecno

    Cuttlebone/vegetables holder

    Pinza para hueso de sepia/verdura

  • STA display cage BORDER - 1 STA display cage BORDER
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    STA display cage BORDER

    Price €24.50

    BORDER display cage

    Show bird cage for Border birds

    Jaula de exposición para raza Border

  • STILLA automatic drinker - 1 STILLA automatic drop drinker
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    STILLA automatic drop drinker

    Price €2.00

    The Stilla drop trough is screwed onto a variety of containers to offer animals always clean water. The shape and the threaded support allow to install it quickly and easily: it is sufficient to make as many holes Ø mm.10 in the lower part of the wall as there are Stilla drinkers that you want to install. The robust design and the first quality materials ensure a long life. The small cup at the bottom of Stilla recovers every drop. The drinker, with 360 ° drive, works by means of a spring which together with an O-ring guarantees its tightness: the animal lets the water out of the container by pushing or moving the steel pin. The bright yellow color allows animals to spot it quickly.