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  • Baby bottle calves - 1 Baby bottle calves
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    Baby bottle calves

    From Price €6.00

    Baby bottle for calves, graduated bottle.

  • Calf nursing bucket FixClip - 1 Calf feeding bucket FixClip
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    Calf feeding bucket FixClip

    Price €17.50

    Nursing bucket with FixClip valve 8 l. The FixClip valve, together with the patented clip closure, is absolutely innovative making the assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the valve and the teat easier and faster than ever. Easy to clean, food grade, acid resistant, with graduated scale printed on the back, with metal handle.

  • Universal calf teat per bottle - 1 Calf teat
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    Calf teat

    Price €3.00

    Rubber teat for nursing calves, to be inserted in universal bottles.

  • Kytet lamb feeding bucket - 1 Kytet lamb feeding bucket
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    Kytet lamb feeding bucket

    Price €22.00

    Kytet suckling bucket for lambs, up to 6 lambs, emptying without residues thanks to the sloping bottom, for hanging on the walls of the barn, on racks, fences, etc. stackable, durable plastic, with metal handle.

  • 1 - 1 lt lambs bottle Lambs bottle 1 l
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    Lambs bottle 1 l

    Price €6.50

    Beberon for lambs and / or small animals, with eyelet on the bottom of the bottle to hang it, graduated.

    Capacity lt.1

  • Secchio allattamento vitelli Perfetto - 1 Secchio allattamento vitelli Perfetto
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    Secchio allattamento...

    Price €19.80
  • Lamb teat - 1 Teat for lambs
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    Teat for lambs

    Price €2.00

    Rubber teat for suckling lambs, to be placed in universal bottles.