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  • Aluminum scoop capacity 0.9 - 1 kg Aluminum scoop
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    Aluminum scoop

    From Price €15.00

    Scoop / Scoop in aluminum

    The indicated length refers to the total length, including handle.

  • Antirogna Spray ml. 300 - 1 Antirogna Spray ml.300
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    Antirogna Spray ml.300

    Price €10.00

    300 ml antirogna spray

    This product, thanks to its particular formulation and the exclusive use of African crisanthemum cinerariaefolium ", is particularly suitable for rabbits, minks, and other similar animals.

    Instructions for use: spray for a few seconds on the parts to be treated at short intervals from a distance of 20 cm repeat the operation every 2 or 3 days.

  • Fixed spring square tube - 1 Fixed spring square tube
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    Fixed spring square tube

    Price €0.50

    Fixed iron square tube hook to quickly fix or unhook the bars of the tube itself with the drinkers from the net of the cages.

  • Galvanized clip - 2 Galvanized clip
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    Galvanized clip

    From Price €11.00

    Galvanized clip, used to join the wire mesh of rabbit and fowl cages.


    The price refers to 1 kg of staples
  • 2-compartment plastic feeder lid - 1 Lid for manger 2 compartments in plastic
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    Lid for manger 2...

    Price €2.00

    Lid for plastic hopper feeder with 2 compartments item 90.706 and 90.809

  • Perch for rabbit cages (1 m rods) - 2 Perch for rabbit cages
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    Perch for rabbit cages

    Price €1.80

    Rabbit perch in non-slip plastic material. Modular by means of seams to make the bottom of the cages. Used to avoid the formation of sores on the legs of animals.

    The rods have a length of 2 meters


    The price refers to one meter of perch

  • Plastic scoop - 1 Plastic scoop
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    Plastic scoop

    From Price €2.70

    Plastic scoop for food use.

    The measure refers to the total length, handle included.

  • Pliers for closing staples - 1 Pliers for closing staples
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    Pliers for closing staples

    From Price €19.50

    Pliers for closing the net junction staples.

  • Spring with cage hook - 1 Spring with hook for cages
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    Spring with hook for cages

    Price €0.80

    Spring with hook, useful for closing the doors in the cages of rabbits and fowl.

    Length mm.72

  • Stitching for rabbit cages perch - 1 Stitching for rabbit cages perch
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    Stitching for rabbit cages...

    Price €1.50

    Plastic perch stitching composes the perch to make the bottom of the cages. Length 72 cm.


    The price refers to a 72 cm rod