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List of products by brand Copele Bird

  • Abbeveratoio Pajaros lt.0,5 con posatoio - 1 Abbeveratoio con bottiglia Pajaros + posatoio
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    Abbeveratoio con bottiglia...

    From Price €2.90

    Abbeveratoio Pajaros con bottiglia, posatoio e anello reggi bottiglia, ideato per l'ornitologia professionale ed hobbistica.

    Fornito di tappo di scarico per una veloce e facile operazione di pulizia.

  • Acuabird drinker cc. 200 + perch - 1 Acuabird drinker cc.200 + perch
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    Acuabird drinker cc.200 +...

    Price €4.20

    Acuabird with container your canaries will have an autonomy of 200 cc of water. Useful for those who have a small farm, for those with few subjects or for a single cage, as it avoids the construction of a plant. Convenient because you can top up or fill the container without the need to unhook the container from the cage to clean it, since the water inside will not be soiled and / or contaminated with the canary's beak. The topping up operation will be very simple and fast, a simple bottle will be enough to pour the water into all the containers of the cages or aviaries.


    Container color blue or green, specify any color preference when ordering.

  • Acuabird automatic drinker with perch - 1 Automatic Acuabird drinker
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    Automatic Acuabird drinker

    Price €3.20

    ACUABIRD is an automatic dispenser that allows the creation of a practical system for ornithological breeding, it can be easily applied to any type of cage thanks to the practical interlocking coupling system that allows it to be positioned where you prefer, guarantees a considerable saving of time, as there will be no more dirty containers to clean, always guarantees fresh and clean water, in fact the particular operating system of the ACUABIRD dispenser allows you to keep the water present in the system clean as the birds cannot contaminate it with their beak , as the water comes out only when the special "switch" is pushed with the spout consisting of a very simple underwire that releases a drop at a time at the slightest touch

  • Contenitore per abbev. Acuabird - 1 Contenitore per abbev. Acuabird
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    Contenitore per abbev....

    Price €1.30
  • Mangiatoia acciaio con attacco a vite cc..300 - 1 Mangiatoia acciaio con attacco a vite cc..300
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    Mangiatoia acciaio con...

    From Price €3.00

    Capienza cc.300

  • Mangiatoia acciaio con supporto cc..300 - 1 Mangiatoia acciaio con supporto cc..300
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    Mangiatoia acciaio con...

    From Price €3.00

    Capienza cc.300

  • Nest in jute and felt Ø 10 cm - 2 Nest in jute and felt Ø 10 cm
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    Nest in jute and felt Ø 10 cm

    Price €1.10

    Nest in jute inside and felt outside Ø 10 cm

  • Pajaros automatic drinker + perch - 1 Pajaros automatic drinker + perch
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    Pajaros automatic drinker +...

    Price €3.90

    Pajaros automatic drinker with perch, functioning connected to a water tank by gravity and pipe Ø mm.10.

    Easy to clean as it can be done without the need to remove the drinking bottle from the cage thanks to the drain plug located in the lower part.

  • Perch for mang. abbev. bathrooms, nests, egg cups etc. - 1 Universal perch
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    Universal perch

    Price €0.50

    The universal roost is applied in the cages in correspondence of the feeders, perches, nests, egg holders, bathrooms etc.